Haley is a Pilates instructor at two Marin County studios. Her classes are full of energy and enthusiasm and her teaching style creates a welcoming and challenging environment for beginning and veteran Pilates students alike. Haley strives to teach her students control, precision, and body awareness while sculpting strong, lean muscles. From her first yoga class at age 12 to running marathons as an adult, fitness has always been an integral part of Haley’s life. Now she is able to merge her two passions and pursue a career in both fitness and nutrition.

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Mind Full Pilates offers a unique blend of classic style reformer and challenging choreography in an intimate environment. With only five reformers per class, we focus on individualizing each class and giving you the most effective workout to strengthen the core and build long, lean muscles.

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Our philosophy is simple: We say yes to variety, intensity, and quality. We are dedicated to offering accessible and efficient, total-body Pilates-based group fitness classes. We strive to deliver a kick-ass, quality experience for clients to keep them coming back for more. Consistency is at our core: our twist on traditional methods helps clients develop and achieve their fitness goals. Whether you need to sweat, sculpt, train or tone, Pilates ProWorks has something for you.


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