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Whatever your health goals may be, 18grains can provide you with the guidance to take responsibility for your own health and wellness.

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A 10 day seasonal detox with recipes designed by our professional chef. Get ready to reset, rejuvenate, and reset with this self-guided online program.

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Relish in the bounty of spring with seasonal, local produce and a plethora of recipes that will keep you busy all season long.

After Haley’s lecture series with the San Rafael Fire Department, both myself and the members of the department are more conscious of our nutritional choices. While on duty our energy level and mental sharpness is critical to our job performance. Haley has taught us how to make healthier choices in our food and recipes selections to support us physically and mentally. It’s not uncommon to hear department members say “Haley wouldn’t approve of that.”  She has changed the way we look at nutrition.


Firefighter/Paramedic, San Rafael Fire Department, San Rafael, CA

I had been struggling with how to get my husband and myself to consistently eat a more healthful diet. Working with Haley was great because she helped us understand what we were eating, how it was affecting our health and fitness goals and what changes we could make to most effectively meet those goals. In just a few weeks, Haley guided us through those changes and we noticed differences immediately.


Speech Language Pathologist, Windsor School District, Windsor, CA

Haley was really able to help me come up with a wide variety of ideas for healthy eating, incorporating greens and other necessary nutrients into my everyday diet with more ease: ideas that made day-to-day eating easier, efficient, and even cost-effective. Taking care of yourself isn’t always going to be quick and efficient, the knowledge that Haley has the ability to share can make that process easier, and more fun!


Founder, Michelle Sanders Communications, Seattle, WA

Haley is so knowledgeable and still there are no stupid questions with her. I could come to her with really basic or very technical questions and she always took the time to make sure I got my answer and learned something useful. Plus, as a somewhat recent vegetarian, she guided me through a meal plan that not only helped me get the protein I needed but keep my intake of empty carbs down.


Imagine H2O, Oakland, CA

Haley currently lives in Larkspur, California and works with clients throughout the Bay Area. She co-founded the 10 Day Health Challenge and is currently getting her Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University.


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Magic beans

Or, magic SEEDS, rather. They are…broccoli seeds Broccoli seeds make broccoli sprouts, which are light, crunchy, flavorful, and have the slight bitter cruciferous taste like broccoli does. A delightful addition to salads, sandwiches or anything else that can be used as a vehicle for eating them. Here’s the magical part: they are powerhouses of nutrients and vitamins, rich in antioxidants and enzymes, and even have a cancer-fighting quality due to its abundance of the anti-cancer phytochemical, sulforaphane. It’s like concentrating the nutritional benefits of three pounds of fully grown broccoli into a mouthful of green sprouts. Sproutable Foods In general, sprouting seeds, grains, or beans makes them more digestible. You know the rules for boiling beans: soak them overnight, discard the water, and they cook more efficiently and don’t give you… ehem, as much gas, right? This is because soaking initiates the sprouting process and also removes the phytic acid so that the minerals and vitamins can be assimilated by our bodies. When converting a seed, grain, or bean into it’s sprout form, though, they become more digestible because the proteins and starches change into simple sugars and free amino acids, and the enzymes and vitamin content increases. Healing With Whole Foods (by Paul Pichford) says sprouting “predigests” the nutrients in the seed, making it easier to assimilate and metabolize. How to: grow your own sprouts Growing your own sprouts is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Step 1) Soak a few tablespoons of any seed of your choice in a wide mouth mason jar for 6-8 hours. Attach a sprouting screen to the top or cover the mouth of... read more

Get your omegas

Cod Liver Oil I finally did it! I caved in and started taking supplements. Yummm, nothing like slurping a teaspoon of cod liver oil in the morning and letting that fishy taste linger on your tongue. I’ve learned by now to have my Inka or kombucha at arms’ length so I can cut the taste right away. Better yet, I’ve been putting it right into my protein smoothie and I don’t taste a thing. The brand I use now is Nordic Naturals, which is very high quality and has the highest testing standards for heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs, the natural and man-made toxins often found in fish. There are two kinds of essential fatty acids: Omega 3 (of which there are three: DHA, EPA, ALA) and Omega-6. These two have a tricky relationship, but DHA is found to be the most beneficial for our brain health. There needs to be a balanced ratio to get the most benefit for brain functioning and since our bodies do not make them, we must get them from our food. Health benefits: Protects heart and brain Anti-inflammatory (good for arthritis) Reduces blood pressure and increases circulation Boosts mind/mood (preliminary evidence that it reduces depression) Promotes fertility Protects vision Protects skin Weight loss Sources of Omega-3 Cold water fish: salmon, trout (both are lowest in mercury), tuna, mackeral, sardines, cod Veggie: flax seeds, flax oil, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, olive oil, avocado Nuts and oils only contain the Omega-3 ALA, which is converted by our bodies into the beneficial DHA, but at a much slower pace and less efficiently. Getting DHA from a... read more

Nutritional yeast

What is nutritional yeast? When I was growing up I spent many-a-night watching movies with a big bowl of buttery popcorn topped with this yellow, flaky product called nutritional yeast (ps. I grew up in Eugene, OR in a very health food-minded household). My mom also sprinkled it on our cat’s food, who was crazy about it. Now I use it as a condiment, added to anything and everything that happens to be on my plate; I’ve even started using it to make casseroles, sauces, and dressings. But besides being versatile and yummy (and a cat supplement), what exactly IS IT? Developed as a non-active yeast (i.e. it doesn’t cause bread to rise) and created specifically as a nutritional supplement, nutritional yeast is rich in protein and B vitamins. This is not to be confused with brewers yeast, which is a bi-product of breweries and distilleries and doesn’t have the same nutritional value. Nutritional yeast is grown in mineral-enriched cane and beet molasses and then pasteurized to kill the active yeast. At that time, all the necessary vitamins, namely B-vitamins and calcium, are added to the mixture before it is dried and packaged. Click here for a nifty little illustration of the process. Also, there is more information on this page, as well as the nutritional facts. Nutritional benefits: rich in amino acids and B-vitamins Here’s a quickie lesson on nutrition: 1) Amino acids: not produced by the body so we must get them from our food. We need these amino acids to form protein, which the body uses for growth and maintenance. Nutritional yeast has two grams of... read more
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