About Haley

health-haley-claudine-12.18.14-010 croppedMy goal at 18grains is simple: I want to inspire you to live a vibrant life by empowering you to make the healthiest choices. I will provide you with the necessary tools you can use for the rest of your life that will allow you take responsibility for your own health and wellness.

My philosophy is in alignment with the principles of holistic health, which states that there are innumerable factors that affect our health, including lifestyle, environment, and genetics. Thus, I will treat you like the individual you are, recognize these differences, and work with them in order to deliver measurable, lasting results. For each of us, optimal health begins with what we eat, and by making organic, whole foods the staple of our diet, one can embark on a path to lifelong health and longevity.

My background in psychology and teaching, combined with my training in holistic nutrition, allows me to uniquely understand the underlying issues that affect weight issues, allergies, and other poor health conditions. I have always had a passion for good food, but fell in love with cooking and eating whole foods when I began to feel the difference in my own life- I saw positive changes in my body image, energy level, mood, and athletic performance- and you can too!

Haley currently lives in Larkspur, California and works with clients throughout the Bay Area. She is currently getting her Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University. Haley is a Pilates, Barre, and Boot Camp instructor at Mind Full Pilates and Pilates ProWorks.
photo credits: Brian Lackey & Rosa Delgado

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